Schengen is ‘out of control’ and we are living in ‘times of...

Schengen is ‘out of control’ and we are living in ‘times of war’ warns Italian politician

The politicians say the entire population of Italy is living in “times of war” as they try to cope with the spiralling migrant crisis gripping Europe and their own country.

Protestors have been taking to Italy’s streets for months and after the resignation of PM Matteo Renzi there is increased uncertainty.

Now two of the country’s leading activists have called for an immediate review of the free movement policy – championed by German chancellor Angela Merkel.

There have been riots on the streets of Italy

Secretary of Lega Nord, Matteo Salvini said: “Rethink Schengen and free movement. Restore the internal border controls. We are living a period of emergency, times of war. And in times of war you can lose a quarter of an hour at the border, although this does not eliminate the risk.”

Meanwhile Beppe Grillo, the founder of the surging Five Star Movement which is largely thought to be responsible for unseating former PM Renzi, said it is time Italy acted.
He said: “Two police officers have risked their lives during a routine check of documents.

“The man they stopped was the Berlin murderer, who didn’t hesitate to take his gun to injure an agent.

“A policeman with just nine months of service, reacted, shooting and killing the terrorist.

“Two heroes took the risk of becoming secular saints.

“The whole of Italy and the whole of Europe are grateful to these two boys.

“I personally feel compelled to thank them and embrace them, especially the police officer that is now in hospital with a perforated shoulder.

“It is crazy that two ordinary police agents should be put at risk and find themselves having to deal with a terrorist wanted by half of Europe.

“Italy and Europe are a strainer and our country is becoming a place of transit for terrorists that we are not able to recognise and report and, thanks to Schengen, they can easily cross borders in Europe.

“We must act now.

“Those who have the right to asylum will remain in Italy, but all illegal immigrants must be deported immediately starting today.”