ISTANBUL TERROR ATTACK: At least 13 dead after blasts outside football stadium

ISTANBUL TERROR ATTACK: At least 13 dead after blasts outside football stadium


At least 38 people have been injured and 13 have been killed following two explosions in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul.

A suspected car bomb was targetting a riot police bus and many of the officers have been left injured.

The Turkish Broadcaster NTV has said that the Interior Minister believes that one of the blasts was a suspected suicide bomb.

The two blasts were heard near Besiktas stadium soon after their clash with Bursaspor finished.

The Turkish minister has described the attacks as a “cruel plot” and said he will make a statement later.

One of the two explosions that struck outside an Istanbul soccer stadium was caused by a suicide bomber.

The suspected suicide bomber struck in Macka park, next to the Vodafone Arena, home to Istanbul’s Besiktas soccer team, while the second explosion hit directly outside the stadium.

According to some reports, the two blasts were followed by gunfire close to Taksim Square.

Interior Minister, Suleyman Soylu, said: “A car packed with explosives is believed to have exploded where our riot squad was deployed shortly after the football fans dispersed following the match.

“The attack targeted the riot police’s bus.”

Ambulances and fire engines have been called to the scene where a fire has broken out.

Police have also stopped traffic from coming to the area and have sealed off the Vodafone Arena, close to the football stadium.

The explosions on Saturday happened two hours after a football match between two of Turkey’s top teams, Besiktas and Bursaspor, but fans had already left.

After the explosion, Besiktas posted a Tweet lamenting the “terror and hatred”.

Bursaspor also Tweeted and confirmed no members of the supporters club had been hurt.

They said: “Connected with our supporters group. Taraftarlarımızdan there are no wounded. We wish a speedy recovery to our citizens injured.”

Galatasary, another of Turkey’s biggest clubs, also Tweeted expressing their “condolences and condemnation”.

The club had a statement: “We express our condolences to the relatives of the mercy of Allah to the members of the martyrs and urgent healing to the wounded.

“We convey to all of our citizens affected by this inhumane terrorist attack, Beşiktaş and Bursaspor community and wishes to the supporters.”

Dozens of people have been left dead following various militant attacks in major ciities across Turkey this year, some blamed on Islamic State militants, others claimed by Kurdish and far-leftist militant groups.